Charlotte's Song

A young girl with a special gift struggles to overcome a mob boss’ influence over her family in this dark Dust Bowl fantasy, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Winner of five 2016 Leo Awards including Best Cinematography.

Official Selection Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

One of the "Top 10 most visually appealing films of VIFF2015

"Boardwalk Empire meets Days of Heaven cinematography" - The Georgia Straight


Charlotte’s Song premiered at VIFF 2015, and sold out all tickets on the first day. The festival subsequently added a third screening at their largest venue, the Vancouver Playhouse. We quickly sold out that screening as well.

Images from the film were used in many newspapers to promote the festival in general, not just in relation to our specific movie.

Production on Charlotte’s Song started on June 1 st , 2014. By the time we went to camera director Nick Humphries and myself had been able to plan out the look and feel to a very specific degree. Nick and I had known each other for a few years by that point, and we had worked on several short films.

Our collaboration is very in depth, and by now very efficient. We have very similar tastes on what looks good, and it feels like we’ve been on the same page since day one. Many times after “cut” is called Nick would come out from behind the monitor, I would jump off the dolly and we would meet in the middle, each of us starting the say the same note to one another.

Director Nick Humphries and myself at the 2016 Leo Awards

The Cannon

"The Cannon" is a feature drama about an aging porn star who is trying to get his life on track.

It's my fourth collaboration with Marshall Axani, and it's Marshall's first feature film.

Marshall won a Telefilm Microbudget grant for first features, largely based on the strength of our past work together.

Production wrapped in early December, 2016 with delivery set for April 2017.